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view all Citroën GS and GSA types with a picture and description
view some info about limited editions of the Citroën GS and GSA
view some info about the GS with a wankelengine
see some info and pictures about the GSX - X2 - X3
view some info about the GSA X3
view some info about the GS/GSA built abroad
view the specifications off all engines used in the GS and GSA
view some GS prototypes
view some special GS/GSA based vehicles

Different types and models

At this menu you can find out more about all the individual types of GS and GSA that where built. The history of all the cars is told, together with some pictures.

The first option 'All types' shows you brief information about all the different versions of the GS and GSA. You can view a brief description together with a photo.

The option 'Limited editions' details all the different limited editions of the GS and GSA that where produced.

'Birotor' tells all about the history of the GS with a wankelengine.

'GSX - X2 -X3' tells all about the most sportive GS's, which are my personal favourite.

By clicking the 'GSA X3' button on the left you'll find detailed information about the GSA X3.

GS's and GSA's where not made in Western Europe only, read all about it and see some pictures in 'Built abroad'.

Finally 'The engines' lists all the different engines which where used in the GS/GSA. Detailed info!

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