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Comments added 14/04/2002. A lot of time has passed since the last update, so much I cannot even remember when. I must say I regret this, but I just can't find any time to update reguarly. Right about now Tripod has introduced other restrictions, which means i have to delete more than half of the pages on this site. I am looking for a solution, the plan is to move the site to another provider. In the meanwhile this half-a-site will have to do. Untill I have the time to update again, trust me this will happen, but it won't be very soon. I already have loads of new material to add to the site.
Mattijs Kemmink

By clicking the 'introduction' button on the left, you can read about the reasons why I created this homepage, my own 'GS/GSA connections' and what makes the GS/GSA such a special car. Also you can take a look at my own car, odd enough not a GS/GSA.

By clicking the 'history' button, you can learn about the history of the GS and GSA. The history is shown in text form, as well as year by year. You can also look at sales figures of the GS/GSA in the Netherlands.

The 'types' button shows all different versions of the GS and GSA, which were sold. Some versions (limited editions like the Birotor, GSX/X2/X3, GSA X3 and non-French built GS/GSAs) are highlighted specifically. You can also see the engine specifications in the GS/GSA (1015-1129cc and 1222-1299cc).

The option 'pictures' gives access to over 200 pictures and photographs of the GS/GSA. Almost all versions are represented, although I'm still looking for some photos of limited editions. All the pictures are either scanned from brochures, photographs taken by myself or photos donated by other enthusiasts. I always welcome further additions to the GS/GSA photo gallery.

Behind the 'references' button the following references are enclosed: 'Addresses' where you can find the addresses of clubs, specialised garages and parts suppliers. 'Manuals' gives details of the various owner's workshop manuals about the GS/GSA. 'Car tests' lists articles and road tests that were published in magazines around the world Ė some tests are shown in their entirety. 'Technical info' provides information on some standard maintenance procedures. The information is taken from official garage instruction books. 'Mailing list' is the last but certainly not the least option! There is a mailing list about the CitroŽn GS/GSA. This list is 100% free (although you need to subscribe) and provides highly useful information about all kinds of technical maintenance.

The 'Miscellaneous' button provides access to some entertaining subjects: 'Tales' lets you read stories about cars written by their owners. 'Links' shows links to other Internet pages about the CitroŽn GS/GSA. Also there are some links to other worthwhile CitroŽn sites. 'Brochures' provides you with short descriptions and pictures of all my GS/GSA brochures. My spare brochures, which are available for trading, are shown too. 'Miniatures' lists all the miniature cars produced and lets you look at photos of some. 'Advertisements' displays some ads that appeared in magazines in the 1970s. You can find drawings of GS/GSAs in 'Cartoons', they're selected from comics. In 'Quotes' you can read statements by the press at the launch of the GS. 'Card game' shows you some cards from a game with a GS on them.

In the 'Guestbook' you can leave your comments about this site, or you can read what other people have had to say about this homepage. By clicking 'About this site' you can find out more about the history and other aspects of this site. 'New on this site' shows you the latest changes that are going to be made to this site. Also you can read the 'Disclaimer', 'Credits' and the 'Site specifications'. You can read about the evolution of this site in 'Site history'. And last but not least you can help me by filling in the feedback form.

The 'Sitemap' is used for navigation purposes. All the (sub)pages of this site are directly linked from that page. It can be a useful tool to help you navigate. 'Search' lets you search all pages of this site using Altavista.

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