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Introduction brochure for the GSX and X2 In 1974 Citroën introduced two new versions of the GS. They where two sportive types the GS X and the GS X2. The X series where equiped with sportive extra's, like a spoiler (X2), foglights, a RPM meter, special front seats and sportive wheelcaps. The cars where painted in expressive colors like orange, yellow and dark blue. Sometimes in combination with black painted bumpers.

The GS X had similar prestations as the Gspécial. In the pre 1976 models the 1015cc engine was used. After 1976 the car was equiped with a 1130cc engine. The GS X2, the most expensive and luxurious of the two, was equiped with the 1222cc engine. The topspeed of the GS X2 was 156km/h, it made the car the fastest off the GS line. The accelaration of the GS X2 was 14.8 seconds from 0 untill 100 km/h. It is easy to tell from which series the X and X2 models are. Besides the general changes given in 1976, (frontside, rearside, instrumentation panel) the foglights of the models produced after 1976 where placed underneath the frontbumper. In the pre 1976 models, they where placed above the bumper, in front of the grill.

GS X and GS X2

The X and X2 are definately my favorite types of GS. The only pity about the cars is that they where equiped with kind of a normal dashboard. Citroën didn't use the special speedometer. At the end of 1978 the GS X2 was replaced by the GS X3.

GS X and GS X2

In 1978 the GS X3 was introduced as succesor of the GS X2. The major changes which where made to the X3 where the bigger engine, the 1299cc instead of the old 1222cc. This engine was later to become the standard in most GSA's. The topspeed of 'the fastest GS' was now 158km/h. The accelaration improved too, 14.4 seconds from 0 untill 100km/h. Next to that the X3 had striping on the sides, different wheel caps. Shame is that the car was only sold for a small year, in 1979 the GSA X3 was introduced as succesor of the GS X3.

Interiour of the X3 GS X3 at introduction at the Paris car saloon

X and X3
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