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Limited Editions

Limited editions of cars are used as a marketing technique by car producers. Most of the cars are a standard production models equiped with a couple of extra's, like a sunroof, spoiler, striping, radio, etc. Limited editions are most of the time very rare, cause the production rate is given in advance, to keep the cars exclusive. Out the GS/GSA range, Citroën produced four limited editions of the GS/GSA. One of the GS and three of the GSA.

GS Basalte
In 1978 the first "limited edition" of a GS is introduced. The car is called "GS Basalte", and is produced in a number of only 5000. The cars where sold in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Scandinavia. All Basalte's had a black painted body with red striping. The engine used was the 1222cc, from the X3. The car was equiped with a sunroof, red and black interiour, foglights, Pallas wheelcaps, radio/cassete player, and occasionally headlight whipers (France only). Because of the limited number of Basalte's produced the car has become unique. Only a handfull still exist.

GS Basalte

In the eighties, the phenomenon 'limited edition' is a little more common. That is probally the reason Citroën produced three limited editons of the GSA. Although not spectacular much (the BX had 92 different limited editions!), they're worth to have a look at.

GSA TunerGSA Tuner
In 1982 is the 'GSA Tuner', the first GSA limited edition which goes in production. The introduction of the Tuner falls together with the replacement of the GSA Club by the GSA X1. The Tuner came in a limited number of 1500 and was sold in France only. The only color in which the car was sold was black. On the sides the car had a white/blue striping and on the two front doors have a badge saying 'Tuner'. The car was equiped with the 1299cc engine from the GSA Club. Further the car was equiped with a Philips car audio set, tainted glass and a velours interiour.

GSA Cottage BreakGSA Cottage Break
The end of 1983 brings the only limited edition of the GSA Break, the GSA Cottage Break. The car has lightbrown metallic paint, red and dark brown striping and is equiped with light metal wheelcaps. The 'Cottage badges' are placed on the two front doors. The Cottage is built under license in Indonesia in the years 1984 and 1985. But not as GSA. In Indonesia the Cottage was a GS. Those cars where equiped with double headlights.

GSA Chic
At the beginning of 1985 the last limited edition of the GSA is introduced. It is the GSA Chic. The Chic comes also in one colour combination only, grey, with red striping and the underside of the car painted black. 'Chic badges' are placed just after the front wheels. The car is equiped with tainted glass, spoiler, light metal wheels caps, radio, 5-speed gearbox and headrests. The Chic also has the 1299cc engine. The GSA Chic was also built under license in Indonesia untill 1987. The car was also equiped with double headlights in Indonesia.

GSA Chic
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