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GS/GSA built abroad

Most of the GS/GSAs were built in Western Europe, France and Belgium to be specific. But also there were other, less obvious places where the GS and GSA were produced. What I mean is that the GS was built under license in Slovenia for some time. The GS and GSA were both built in Indonesia as well. Although I know little about these cars, I'll try tell as much as I know underneath. More information about these 'licensed cars' is very welcome!

Slovenian GS

Slovenian GS
In the 1970s the Tomos company in Slovenia started to build CitroŽns under license. The Tomos Company is known for the mopeds they build. The CitroŽn models that were built are the 2CV, Ami and the GS. Although the cars where 100% CitroŽn, they are named 'Tomos' and later on 'Cimos'. It seems that the GSs built in Slovenia were not as well equipped as the 'normal' GSs. I don't know anything about the production dates and numbers of the car. Some GSs from Slovenia had quad headlights, see the picture above. The GSA was named 'GA' in Slovenia.

Tomos GS Super

The following GS/GA models where built by Tomos/Cimos in Slovenia:

  • GS club 1.0 1971-1975 also break (conventional lights)
  • GS pallas 1.1/1.2 1974-1980 1.2 also break (conventional lights)
  • GS super 1.3 1977-1981 also break (quad headlights)
  • GSX 1.3 1978-1981 (quad headlights)
  • GA 1.3 club 1981-1985 also break (conventional lights)
  • GA X3 1.3 1981-1986 (conventional lights)
Although most of the cars had campus beige as colour, the following colours where also available: citroen yellow, marine blue, inferno red, orange and moonlight black. And for the pallas: metallic blue and metallic green. The engines used in the Tomos/Cimos where the same as the engines in GSs from France. The 1.0 engine was the 1015cc, the 1.2 the 1222cc and the 1.3 the 1299cc engine.

Tomos and Cimos badge

Indonesian GS/GSA

Indonesian GS/GSA
In Indonesia the GS is introduced in 1974 with production lasting until 1991. This makes the Indonesian GSAs the last produced cars. The following types where produced in Indonesia:

  • GS from 1974 until 1983 (hatchback and estate model)
  • GSA introduced in about 1984
  • GS Cottage 1984 - 1985
  • GSA Chic 1986 - 1987
  • GSpťcial 1989 - 1991 (GSA-based model)
Most of the Indonesian cars were equipped with quad headlights. The engines were the normal engines from the European cars. Air conditioning was also available as option in Indonesia. The picture underneath shows an Indonesian GS Cottage Break, together with some normal GS Breaks. The Cottage is the second car from the left.

Indonesian GS/GSA

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