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the pre production years
history of the Citroën GS and GSA in text
history of the Citroën GS and GSA by year
production and selling figures regarding the Citroën GS and GSA


The fist button, 'Pre production' gives an idea under what cicumstancers the developement of the GS took place.

The second option 'History in text' tells all about the evolution of the GS/GSA. From the early GS types untill the last produced GSA's. The story of the car is told in a text.

The third option 'History by year' shows the changes the car undertook by year. Make sure to let me know if you have remarks or additions.

The fourth option 'Production figures' shows at the moment only the total amount of produced cars and the selling figures for The Netherlands. I am still looking for other figures. Any help is welcome!

Modified Gspécial

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