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stories about cars
links to other homepages about the Citroën GS and GSA
view my GS and GSA brochure collection
Citroën GS and GSA miniatures
view some promotional advertisments about Citroën GS and GSA
view some Citroën GS and GSA cartoons
read what the press had to say about the GS and GSA
view some GS playing cards


This 'miscellaneous' page shows some awesome things about the Citroën GS/GSA. This section is meant to be entertaining. Again, if you have anything to add, all contributions are more than welcome.

In 'tales' You can read stories about GS/GSA's written by there owners. You're welcome to add you own experiences.

'Links' guides you to other worthwhile GS/GSA and Citroën homepages. If you have some pages to add, just e-mail me so. I welcome all new links!

'Brochures' shows you my collection of brochures.You can view all the brochures, with details as where they come from, when they where published, et cetera. You can also view my spare copies, which I would to trade for others.

The option 'Miniatures' lists all the miniatures of the GS that exists. You can also view some photo's of my own miniatures.

'Advertisments' shows some advertisments on the GS and GSA from car magazines throughout the seventies and eighties.

In 'Cartoons' you can see some drawing of GS's and GSA's that are scanned out of comicbooks.

Find out what the press had to say about the GS/GSA, and click the option 'Quotes'.

See some cards from a 'Cardgame', with pictures of a GS.

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