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History of the Citroën GS and GSA by year.

1970: Introduction of the GS. The GS is at first only available as Berline. The first Models are called "Confort" and "Club", they both have a 1015cc Boxer engine, which produces 55 HP at 6500 R/PM.

GS Club

1971: The GS is elected "Car of the year 1971" by a jury of European Car Journalists. At the Car Salon of Geneva, the GS is awarded the "Car Style Award" by an international jury. Introduction of the Break (stationcar) and Service (3-door GS Break) both models are available as "Confort" and "Club".

1972: The GS is from now on also available with a 1220cc engine, which produces 59 HP at 6500 R/PM. The GS Break is elected 'best estate car of the year' by the Daily Telegraph Magazine.

1973: The GS Birotor is introduced, the Birotor is famous for his Wankelengine. The Birotor is a product of the co-operation of Citroën and NSU (who produced the RO80 with a wankelengine). This "Rotating Motoring" takes the GS to a topspeed of 175 km/h.

GSX1974: The Gspécial, is the new basic GS model and replacement for the Confort. Introduction of three new models: the GS Pallas, a luxerious model and the GS X and X2.

1975: The GS Birotor is taken out of production, after only 847 models produced. Most cars are recalled to the factory and destroyed.

1976: Restyle of the GS, the biggest changes are

  • New rearside
  • New frontside
  • New insturmention panel.

1977: A new 1130cc engine is introduced. The engine is used in the Gspécial, GSX and Gspécial Break.


1978: Top year for GS sales in holland, 15872 GS's are sold. At the end of 1978, the GS takes possesion of a top ten spot in the 1978 Car sales list. Also in 1978 the first "limited edition" of a GS is introduced. The car is called "GS Basalte", around 5000 cars where produced. They where sold in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Scandinavia. All Basalte's where black painted with red striping. Further the car was equiped with a sunroof, red and black interiour, extra headlights, Pallas wheelcovers, radio/cassete player, and occasionally headlight whipers (France only). The GS X3 replaces the GS X2.

1979: Introduction of the new GSA. At first the GSA comes in the following models: Club, Pallas, X3, Club Break and Service. Citroën continues selling the Gspécial, (and also the Break) which are now called GS Spécial.

1980: The GSA Spécial is introduced as the successor of the GS Spécial.

GSA Spécial1981: Slight engine change, the 1299cc engine is less fuel using, at the same preformance.

1982: The GSA X1 is introduced, it's a replacement for the GSA Club. The "GSA Tuner" is introduced. The GSA Tuner is another limited edition which came in a number of 1500 cars, who all where sold in France. All GSA Tuner's where painted black, with a blue striping. They where equiped with a Philips Car Audio set.

1983: The production of the 1130cc engine is stopped, al the models are now equiped with a 1300cc engine. At the end of 1983 the "GSA Cottage Break" is introduced. This is a limited edition of the GSA Break. It is equiped with striping, metallic paint, Light Metal wheel caps and a special interiour.

2 million GSs and GSAs1984:

1985: The GSA gamma is reduced to the GSA Spécial, GSA X1 and GSA Spécial Break. The last limited edition of the GSA is introduced, the "GSA Chic". The car is delivered in the color grey, with red striping. It is standard equiped with a spoiler, Light metal wheel caps, radio and a five speed gearbox.

1986: In 1986 the last GSA is sold in Europe, although production of the car continues in Indonesia untill 1991.

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