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Production figures

GS at production line

Underneath you can find some pictures of GSs at the production line. Also you can see the number of sales for GS/GSA in The Netherlands. Unfortunately I only have this data for The Netherlands. I also know the totals of GS/GSA produced. In total 2.474.346 GS and GSA were produced, of which 1.896.742 where GSs and 576.757 where GSAs. These figures do not include the GS/GSAs made in Indonesia and Yugoslavia. If you can tell me more about production or sales figures, then let me know!

GS at production line GS at production line GS at production line< GS at production line

Cars Sold
1970 710
1971 3384
1972 4206
1973 6024
1974 8271
1974 9982
1976 9270
1980 9171
1981 6751
1982 6293
1983 3998
1984 2288
1985 528
1986 1

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