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Trihawk GSA based kitcar

Text by Adam Reif

The Trihawk was a GSA based kitcar, produced in the US. It was developed in the Los Angeles area by several key guys.

Trihawk GSA based kitcar

Lou Richards and Bob McKee, David Stollery, Dick Kleber and Bill Mozon were the core group that started the project. The original sales location was in Dana Point, CA.

The front wheel drive engine/tranny combination was borrowed from the CitroŽn GSA. The GSA was never imported officially into the US. The 1299cc 4 cylinder boxer engine was well suited to the task. Other components were borrowed production vehicles, such as the front suspension and rear trailing arm coming from the Renault R5, steering rack from a Renault Alliance and assorted dash gauges from Honda.

Trihawk GSA based kitcar
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