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MEP race car

The MEP racecar was designed by Maurice Emile Pezous (MEP). Pezous being an enigineer, a racing fan and a Citroën Concessionaire, initiates a project to build a small, affordable racecar, to be built out of Citroën parts.

MEP race car

In 1965 he designs the MEP X1, a oneseater racecar with an AMI6 engine. The car is built and tested, but it proves the car has a lack of power. Pezous decides to use the engine of the Panhard 24ct along with the gearbox of the AMI6. This car is called the MEP X2 and competed at the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966. The MEP X2 is also a one seater racecar, with a tube frame and a polyester chassis. The car has 848cc and can reach a topspeed of 190km/h.

Good preformances, good roadholding and firm brakepower are the most important qualities of the MEP X2. Pezous manages to convince the Citroën management from the qualities of the MEP. In 1968 when 20 MEPs are built the first races take place. In 1969 the races are made official by the French Autosport federation (F.F.S.A.). The competition is officially called "Formule Bleue".

MEP race car
GS X2 and MEP X27

Due to a low price for the MEP (8000FF) and high bonussus by sponsors Citroën, Michelin and Total, the MEP competition evolved well. The goal of the competition was to create a competition for young talented autosport enthousiasts at low cost. In 1971 the MEP is equiped with the 1015cc GS engine. Preformance increases considerably, the car now has a topspeed of 210km/h. The new car is named MEP X27. The "Formule Bleue" competition lasts untill 1975, when costs have to be reduced due to the crisis in the automobile industry and the "Formule Bleue" is cancelled.

Technical specifications MEP X27
Engine: 4 cilinder aircooled boxer engine 1015cc, rear wheel powered
Horsepower: 78HP (DIN) at 7500rpm
Max. Torque: 9KGM at 5500 rpm
Caburattor: Double Weber 40 IDF15
Fueltank: 19 Liters
Gearbox: 4 - Speed Citroën GS
Total weight: 392 KG
Topspeed: 210 km/h

MEP race car
GSX, GSX2 and a couple of MEP X27s

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