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Photos of miniatures

Untill now I only have two pictures of GS scale models. These are the Norev and Verem GS both in 1:43.

Mini Jetcar de Norev, Citroën GS 1:43
Norev 1:43 GS
This Norev GS is certainly not one of the best GS miniatures available. The finishing of the car is not very good. For example the wheels are ugly and are not original. However most details are in line with the 'real' car. The doors and hood can be openend by this little GS.
Verem, Citroën GS 1:43
Verem 1:43 GS
This GS model by Verem is in my opinion and from what I have seen the best scale model for the GS available. This GS has all the details right. Lights are made out of plastic, aswell as the grill and gives a good match of the details of the car. The frontdoors can be openend.
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