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Some quotes from the press about the GS and GSA are listed underneath.

Dr. Paul Simsa, Car journalist, 1970
'Wenn man fragt, welchen Anforderungen ein Auto für die achtziger Jahre entsprechen muß, bietet sich der GS als prototyp an. Karrosserie ohne Konzessionen an Barock und falsche Träume. Aerodynamisch so gut, daß eine sparsame Maschine für hohe Fahrleistungen genügt. Schützendes Blech zugunsten passiver Sicherheit, doch kein hohes gewicht. Ein Höchstmaß an aktiver Sicherheit.'

Trendsetting Citroën GS, Australian Motor sports and Automobiles, November 1970
'The fortunes of Citroën have waned in recent years, but the new GS fills the gap between the twin cylinder Ami 8 and D range and will give Renault, Volkswagen and BLMC plenty to worry about.'

'Citroën designers sometimes seem to be the only ones to start with clean sheets of paper, untrammelled by restrictions and encouraged to produce a result which will win the support of the public despite breakaway originality.'

Citroën GS - autotest, Autocar, 25th March 1971.
'It all depends upon your viewpoint whether you think the GS good value or not. For a 1-litre saloon the price of about £1.100 is expensive (although not that much more than a Vauxhall Viva SL four door, which is £996 at the moment), but in it's accomodation and dynamic way of doing things it is right out of this class and several others above it. As a design it well deserves it's various awards as Car of the year 1970 and as a car on the road it is a fascinating machine.'

Taking Stock, Autocar, 25th November 1971.
'Unconventional is sometimes spelt inconvenient or inaccesibble. There is little of this about the GS and it is offset, for enthousiasts, by the fun of owning a really advanced example of automobile design. It lives up to it's design promise by being in most ways a better car than conventional cars.'

Brief test - Citroën GS Club Estate, Motor, 11th May 1972
'In conclusion, the Citroën GS Club Estate gives more for your money than you might think from an initial study of it's preformance, economy and accomodation. It is a very sophisticated little car and one with lots of individuality and charm.'

2 Car test - Citroën GS Club vs Peugeot 304, Autocar, 3rd August 1972
'The Citroën is rather a less practical car, but it appeals to me rather more, with it's sophisticated suspension, very comfortable seats and an almost uncanny ability to sweep up motorway miles.'

'In making the choice I am influenced by the Citroën's ingenious design, it's excellent ride and general comfort and the promise of a slightly higher safety factor in an emergency. It looks also less austere than the Peugeot and has much better instrumentation than the Peugeot's "stylist's nightmare" layout.'

Citroën GS 1220 Club - Auto test, Autocar, 1st March 1973
'It can be claimed with some validity that the GS has rivals which do almost as much without resorting to anything like the same complication. But none of them do quite as much;'

'The GS remains "different" in many ways - not a car for the average driver to accept without some re-adjustment - but one suspects that is all part of it's appeal for it's owners. The rest of it's appeal, as a combination of comfort and roadworthiness, is obvious.'

Citroën's twin-rotor motor, Motor, 8th June 1974
'My day out with the pre-sales Birotor suggests that Citroën have a viable package for special people -typical Citroën flair for the original in other words.'

Australian Motor Manual, October 1974
'The GS is the answer to the motoring questions raised by the recent energy crisis. And hopefully an inspiration for cars to come.'

Citroën GS 1220 Break - roadtest, Wheels, March 1975
'The sedan, with it's neat fastback styling and cutoff tail, has a booth which looks like the mouth of a large Chinese monster.'

'If there's a Holden driver who, after a week in a Citroën GS Break, pines to get back in his Kingswood, then we'll go and put another coat of paint on the Harbour Bridge. It's comfort, economy, practicality and the way it imparts driving pleasure would have got the better of him in a day, let alone a week.'

'We can only echo the sentiment of our March, 1972, road test that if the Government really cared about road safety (and saving fuel resources) it would waive all import duties on cars like the Citroën GS and let ten of thousands of Australians own them, not just a couple of hundred each year...'

Brief test - Citroën GS X2, Motor, 7th June 1975
'The superb hydro-pneumatic GS ride everybody knows about. We've eulogised about it, and the excellent handling and roadhandling often enough before.'

Sunday Telegraph (Australia), 5th February 1978
'Many Australians see them as complex because they have been raised on ordinary cars - ordinary in preformance.'

'The shame is that high tariffs and restricted quotas have combined to put a car that can save lives out of the reach of many people. Yet some inferior cars get official encouragement.'

GSA Spécial - road test, What car?, March 1981
'To that minority of buyers who are attracted by mechanical and styling innovation the Citroën is the answer.'

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