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GS and GSA links with description

Last updated: 1 December 1999


  • Citroën GS and GSA by Mattijs Kemmink in English.
    Homepage devoted to CitroŽn GS and GSA, contains over 100 GS/GSA pictures, a complete oversight of all ever produced models with technical information and prices. Also a lot of references like: links, brochures, technical handbooks, club/parts/garages adresses, car tests. Next to that GS and GSA history per year and in text. Features also selling figures for The Netherlands.
  • Citroën GS and GSA by Jeroen Cats in English.
    Section of CitroŽn homepage devoted to GS and GSA. Lots of information about: addresses, Bi-rotor, books, history, links, production figures, sounds, technical information, tuning, wreck pictures and a buyersguide. Both frames and no-frames version.
  • La page de la GS by FranÁois Bretin in French.
    Very good GS site of a French GS enthousiast, includes a very detailed history of the GS/GSA, brochures, buyersguide and some technical matters. The only regret of this site is that it is in French only, that is if you do not speak French.
  • Citroën GSA HomePage by Ricard Wolf in English/Swedish.
    CitroŽn GSA homepage in Sweden. Features a lot of technical tips, many colour pictures, information about the hydropneumatic suspension system.
  • IJsbrant's GS en GSA website by IJsbrant Smit in Dutch/English.
    Homepage of a Dutchmen, about his five (!) GSs en GSAs. Lot's of cool pictures of large quantities GS/GSA ate the same place and some pictures from limited editions. Also some technical information and stories of his cars. A must see!!
  • My GS, pictures and words about the car by Jure in English.
    Homepage of a Slovenian guy, who owns a GSX. Site included history of his car and some beautifull pictures of the car in the Slovenian Alps.
  • Manger tout, the red GSA by Jens Jakob Andersens in English.
    Homepage, dedicated to the GSA. The site describes the "weaknesses" of the GSA, with pictures of damaged/leaking/rusting parts. Further the site also offers a lot of buyerstips.
  • Citroën GS Homepage by Jan Lindblom in English/Swedish.
    CitroŽn GS homepage of, with lots of technical data and pictures of engine, gearbox, suspension, et cetera.
  • GS and CX by Jan-Willem Donkers in English.
    GSA and CX homepage in the Netherlands. Contains many GSA pictures.
  • Citroënët by Julian Marsh in English.
    General CitroŽn Homepage, with a lot off different GS subjects.
  • XM and GSA Diary by Katsuyuki Wakishima in Japanese.
    Japanese GS pages with lots of pictures, technical information (with pictures), information about Japanese CitroŽn meetings.
  • Citroën GS/GSA-sider by Ole Reynert Olsens in Norwegian.
    Norwegian homepage about GS and GSA models, contains some pictures & other info.
  • Citroën GSA Daily X'mas by Naoya Taki in English/Japanese.
    Japanese homepage with a lot of GSA pictures.
  • Itonami and Citroën by Yohsuke Narabayashi in Japanese.
    Japanese homepage with a lot of technical information.
  • The world of Citroën by Match Nakasato in English/Japanese.
    Very nice GSA pictures and cartoons.
  • GA-BA-NA NIGHT, La citroen colorata... by Stefano Minora in Italian.
    About a GSA Pallas.
  • Bad and sad GSA by Attila Kalmanczhelyi in English/Hungarian.
    Attila tells about his bad and sad GSA Pallas, with many pictures.
  • Marc Ammerlaan's Citroën GSA X3 by Marc Ammerlaan in Dutch.
    Homepage of a Dutch GSA owner. Contains pictures of the GSA X3.
  • Citroën GSA by Charlie Langenfeld in Dutch.
    Part of a personal homepage about the GS & GSA
  • Citroën GSA Spécial by Richard Bijlard in Dutch.
    Part of a personal homepage from a Dutch GSA owner, telling the story of the restoration of his car. A lot of pictures are included.
  • GS Citroën by Jean Pierre Lihou in French.
    The GS as an art object.
  • GS 1220 Club by Jim in Japanese.
    Homepage about a GS 1220 Club.
  • My Citroën GS Page by Robert Hinterding in English.
    Australian GS owner tells about the purchase of his GS Break. Includes parts of brochures aswell.
  • GS Article by Ulrich Blenck in German.
    An interesting German article about the CitroŽn GS.
  • Technische Daten Citroën GSA 1130 by Andreas Holzinger in German/English/French.
    GSA owner in Austria tells about his car, includes technical data & pictures.
  • Christophīs Homepage by Christoph Guse in German.
    German homepage about Citroën, with some pictures about a build up GSA Spécial.
  • The Citroën GS Unofficial Site by Toche in English.
    French CitroŽn GS homepage.
  • Citroën GSA by ??? in Japanese.
    Another nice GSA homepage from Japan.
  • Club des Reminiscence de la Citroën by ? in Japanese.
    Homepage about citroen with some pictures and info about the GS.

Citroën GS Birotor Homepages

  • Nimo's Birotor Page by Niklas Hornell in English.
    Homepage devoted to the GS Birotor. Including information on the wankelengine, how the restoring of the car took place. Also the owners describes the story of buying the car in the South of France and transporting it to Sweden. Further a lot of GS Birotor pictures and technical information.
  • Rotary cars in Sweden by Magnus Berglund in English.
    Homepage about Wankelengine's, with a lot of GS Birotor pictures.
  • Wankel rotary engines Citroën automobiles by Alan Marr in English.
    Homepage with information about wankelengines (like the GS Birotor).
  • Wankel rotary engines by Gerhard Geiling in German.
    Site about wankelengines, with some information about the GS Birotor.



  • The G-Site by Citroën GS/GSA club The Netherlands in Dutch.
    Official homepage of the Dutch GS/GSA club. With club addresses, news from the club magazine, information about the club and meetings and links to members and other worthwhile sites
  • Norwegian GS/GSA club by Ole Reynert Olsens in Norwegian.
    Site of the Norwegian GS/GSA Club.
  • Citroën GS & GSA by Citroën Car club England in English.
    Part of the Citroën Car club England homepage, with information about the GS/GSA and information about the Club and other Citroën types.

Mailing list

  • Citroën GS & GSA Mailing list by Blair Anderson in English.
    At this page you can subscribe to the free GS/GSA mailing list, served by 'The Citroën Connection' in Canada. The list exists of GS/GSA owners from all around the world, who help each other with their corporate knowledge of the car. This is the place for technical questions!
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