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Underneath all my GS/GSA brochures are listed. All the brochures are in a good shape. I bought most of the brochures at fairs, others I have trade with people from all over the world. Only a few I have obtained myself, by getting them from my Citroën dealer. I am esspecially fond of the two Finnish brochures. Those two and the 'limited edition' brochures are the most special GS/GSA brochures I own. The only brochure in which the Birotor is listed, is the 1974 UK brochure. Remarkable is that the Birotor isn't listed in the same brochure from the Netherlands that year. The last appearing brochure about the GSA is the French one from 7/1985, at least that's what I think. Other recommandable brochures are the 'plain' brochures for

  • 1974 GSX/X2 (All countries)
  • 1976 GS (all countries)
  • 1977 GS (Germany and United Kingdom)
  • 1978 GS (Germany)
  • 1979 GSA (United Kingdom)
  • 1980/1982 GSA (Germany)
  • 1983 GSA (French)
Of course they're all nice, but there are some who have that little bit extra. Like the ones from Indonesia, South Africa and Yugoslavia. They are very rare brochures, who are hard to obtain.

I am still looking to expand my collection, if you have any brochure about the GS/GSA , make sure to send me an E-mail and I will consider buying it.

Because of the size of page I have sorted the brochures by country. You can also view all brochures at onces, though notice that this is a large document.

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