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A story about a 1972 GS Club Service

This car a beige GS Club Break Service was the first GS owned by my father. This wasn't an ordinary GS. It was a Service, with open windows at the rear and it was a Club, while most Services where Specials. Only a few GSs of this type where built. Therefor it is a really seldom type of GS.

1972 GS Club Service 1972 GS Club Service
Left: The GS in front of my grandparents house. Right: Me and my mother in front of the GS in England.

Because the GS was a service, it had no rear seat. My father had built in the rearseat from an AMI 8 hisself. This GS was manufactured in september 1972, I do not know the exact date anymore. The colour of this car was beige, it was originally sold in The Netherlands and it had 41-81-UP on the license plates. My father bought it in 1974 when the speedometer stood at 20.000km. He drove it untill 1978, when he bought a new car it was sold to the garage. At that time the GS had only done 80.000km, not much for a six year old car. The GS was technical still in good shape, but rust began to have it's way at the car. Main reason fot this was that my father was a Captain back then and he took the car with him on his journeys. The car was then exposed to the salt of the seawater, what reflected in the bodywork of the car. After my father had sold the car, it was owned by one other men. He only drove it for a couple of weeks, when he wrecked it. The GS was written of and taken to the scrapyard.

1972 GS Club Service 1972 GS Club Service 1972 GS Club Service Left: The GS parked for a photo. Middle/Right: The GS in our garage/ Parked in front of the garage.

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