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New on this site

All updates of this site are shown here in chronological order. All pages are reachable through the menu structure. Last major update: 15th December 1999.

15 December 1999, uploaded new pictures en photographs, added a new advertisement. Replaced e-mail adresses on some pages, note that my old e-mail address ( is no longer valid. It should be ( from now on.
7 December 1999, added 'My own car', some pictures and words about my BX!
1 December 1999, due to a lack of time I haven't updated the pages in a long time, which I regret. I hope in the future to spend some more time on the GS/GSA pages. For now I have added new links and a new award.
30 March 1999, added photo's, brochures and new links.
23 januari 1999, added photo's and information about Slovenian GSs, spell checked the site, added new manuals.
19 January 1999, added photo's of Croatian GSs, added 'awards', changed stucture of brochures, changed structure of links.
9 January 1999: Added new brochures, added new picture of a GSA Chic.
1 November 1998: Finally launched new the version (4.0) of the site.
1 March 1998: Added new brochures, added new links.
7 Februari 1998: Added new brochures, all color pictures.
2 Februari 1998: Added New links, updated History with limited editions, Used better Photo's (16 million color instead of 256).
26 Januari 1998: Added new links, added new adresses.
21 Januari 1998: Added new links, made a "links list without description" list. Changed the Literature en references Menu. Continued working on version 4.0 of this homepage. Scanned about 60 colour images untill so far.
03 Januari 1998: Added new Links.
24 December 1997: Added Guestbook, please sign!!
19 December 1997: Added New links.
14 December 1997: New links, changed lettertype, added cardgame. Started making preparations for Version 4.0. Which is set to go online somewhere in the spring of 1998. (As soon as possible). Main features version 4.0: Guestbook, New entrance page, and all pictures will be in colour .

19 November 1997: General update, new links, new adresses, new pictures.

05 November 1997: Added new GS and GSA Links.
04 November 1997: Added new GS and GSA Links.
04 November 1997: Added new Citroën Links.
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