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Awards this site has won

Links2Go Key Resource awardLinks2Go Key Resource award
I was most surprised to receive a message a message from Links2Go Awards in November 1998, they told me I had won an award in the category 'best links; Citroen'. I have won this award not only for the accuracy and completeness of my links pages but also for the way (especially the different ways) the links where displayed. Anyway, it's fun to get it, here is what they had to say about it:

The Links2Go Key Resource award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected for inclusion. Further, unlike most awards that rely on the subjective opinion of "experts," many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards, the Links2Go Key Resource award is completely objective and is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. During the course of our analysis, we identify which links are most representative of each of the thousands of topics in Links2Go, based on how actual page authors, like yourself, index and organize links on their pages. In fact, the Key Resource award is so exclusive, even we don't qualify for it (yet ;)!
Links2Go :

The car site award
The Car Site & is a personally owned and privately operated system. Made by Motorheads for Motorheads! Across the internet there are literally thousands of web sites devoted to cars. There are corporate sites.There are private sites of people paying tribute to a car they love and there are many more. However most of them ain't "good". Our goal is to weed out the weaklings and show the world which car sites rock. The task wont be easy. Nevertheless we will try! All added sites will get "The Car Site Award".

BuzzeZ website award

BuzzeZ website award
In November 1999 I won another award, this time the 'BuzzeZ website award'. They gave it to me because, and I quote: 'You have been awarded this for your combination of high quality, ease of use, media and overall content on your site which we feel provides a genuinely interesting website to other people interested in which I assume is your favourite field.'
Anyway, again it is nice to win such an award, you can vote for me to get an even better one, by clicking the image. The address of 'BuzzeZ website award' is

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