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List of tests

Underneath I have listed all the tests of the Citroën GS and GSA, that I am aware off. If you know of any other's, make sure to let me know.

  • New Citroën GS, Autocar, United Kingdom, 27th August 1970
  • Trendsetting Citroën GS, Australian motor sports and automobiles, November 1970
  • Citroën GS - Autotest, Autocar, United Kingdom, 25th March 1971
  • Citroën's new baby (GS), Wheels, Australia, July 1970
  • Road test - Citroën GS Club, Motor, United Kingdom, 25th September 1971
  • Taking Stock, Autocar, United Kingdom, 25th November 1971
  • Brief test - Citroën GS Club Estate, Motor, United Kingdom, 11th May 1972
  • World scoop Rotary Fiat, Citroën coming, Modern Motor, Australia, July 1972
  • 2 Car test - Citroën GS Club vs Peugeot 304, Autocar, United Kingdom, 3rd August 1972
  • Citroën GS 1220 Club, Rijdend Nederland, The Netherlands, 4th November 1972
  • Brief test - Citroën GS 1220 Club, Motor, United Kingdom, 16th December 1972
  • Citroën GS, 24,000 mile report, Autocar, United Kingdom, 25th January 1973
  • Citroën GS 1220 Club - Auto test, Autocar, United Kingdom, 1st March 1973
  • Brief test - Citroën GS Club Automatic, Motor, United Kingdom, 18th August 1973
  • Europe's New Wankel, Autocar, United Kingdom, 8th November 1973
  • Citroën's twin-rotor motor, Motor, United Kingdom, 8th June 1974
  • Impressive, but expensive (long term report), Autocar, United Kingdom, 29th June 1974
  • Buying secondhand - Citroën GS, Autocar, United Kingdom, 10th August 1974
  • Citizen Citroën (GS), Australian motor manual, Australia, October 1974
  • Brief test - Citroën GS Pallas, Motor, United Kingdom, 8th February 1975
  • Road test - Citroën GS 1220 Break, Wheels, Australia, March 1975
  • Brief test - Citroën GS X2, Motor, United Kingdom, 7th June 1975
  • Gebruikersrapport Citroën GS, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 28th November 1975
  • Autotest - Citroën GS Pallas, Autocar, United Kingdom, 13th December 1975
  • Vergelijkingstest - Citroën GS/Audi 80/Peugeot 304S/VW Passat, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 6th May 1976
  • Autotest - Citroën Gspécial en GS Club, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 14 October 1977
  • Brief test - Citroën Gspécial, Motor, United Kingdom, 19th November 1977
  • Citroën GS, Autosignalementen test, January 1978
  • Brief test - Citroën GS, Daily Telegraph, Australia, 5th February 1978
  • Citroën Gspécial, verbeterde kwaliteit en afwerking, Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, The Netherlands, 13th September 1978
  • Uw Citroën GS in topconditie, Autovisie, The Netherlands, 21th October 1978
  • 8 Car test, Citroën Gspécial, L'Automobile, France, November 1978
  • 50.000km test - Citroën Gspécial Break, Autovisie, The Netherlands, 18th November 1978
  • Brief test - Citroën GS X3, Motor, United Kingdom, 28th July 1979
  • New Citroën GSA, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 9th November 1979
  • Test - Citroën GSA Pallas, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 21th December 1979
  • Convention rules, but only just, Country life, United Kingdom, 3rd January 1980
  • Autotest - Citroën GSA Pallas, Autocar, United Kingdom, 5th January 1980
  • Test - Citroën GSA Pallas, Auto Revue, The Netherlands, 25th April 1980
  • Citroën GSA Club estate vs Peugeot 305 GL estate, What car?, United Kingdom, December 1980
  • Test- Citroën GSA Spécial, Autokampioen, The Netherlands, 2nd January 1981
  • Used survey: Citroën GS/GSA and it's rivals, What Car?, United Kingdom, October 1981
  • Tweedehands Citroën GSA, Autoweek, The Netherlands, 24th April 1992
  • GS, retour vers le futur, Citroën Revue, France, February 1995.
  • GSA Spécial secondhand test, Citroën Revue, France, March 1995.
  • Reportage Citroën GSA X3, Autoweek, The Netherlands, nr 36, 4th September 1995
  • Restoring Citroën GS, Classics, United Kingdom, March 1998
  • Signalement - Citroën GS, AutoMotor Klassiek, The Netherlands, April 1998
  • Praktijkervaringen - Citroën GS, Automobiel, The Netherlands, May 1998
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