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citroen gsa

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1983 French GSA Tuner Brochure

This French '83 brochure covers a limited edition of the GSA, the GSA Tuner. Because the car is limited the brochure is too. This brochure is printed in a considerably less amount than a normal brochure. Availability though is good, if you know where to look. The brochure itself is not very attractive, the few photo's of the car it has, are poor. But because it's a limited edition, it is must for a devoted collector. Prices vary from 7.5 Euro untill 12.5 Euro. I bought in 1998 at Citromobile for 7.5 Euro.

French GSA Tuner brochure 1983, page 1 French GSA Tuner brochure 1983, page 2
page 1
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page 2
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French GSA Tuner brochure 1983, page 3 French GSA Tuner brochure 1983, page 4
page 3
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page 4
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