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citroen gsa

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About me

Who am I? Well.. I am Mattijs Kemmink. I was born on a hot summernight in 1976 in the North of The Netherlands. When I was born "More than a feeling" by Boston topped the charts and the Citroën GS just had it's first restyle.

The years have gone by and I still find myself living in the town where I was born, Delfzijl. Delfzijl is a harbour/industrial town in North Netherlands and has a population of 30.000. An extraordinary city, with an extraordinary history. Delfzijl is located in the province Groningen, which is one of the most unpopulated provinces in Holland. People from other parts of the country often see a trip to here as "to the end of the world and back". I however quite enjoy the life outhere, where the are no trafic jams and where you can find a parking spot on every corner. I now work halftime as a driver for the postal services. The other half of the time I study Economy (major in Information Economics) at the University of Groningen. I have finished my other study, Information Management, at the Hanzehogeschool, Groningen in 1999.

My favourite ways of spending free time (whatever is left after building this website), are watching soccer games, playing soccer in the 4th team of my club "Eemsboys", going out with friends, reading all kinds of stuff from literature to local papers, writing and watching movies. My main hobbys are collecting Citroën carbrochures, my car, building websites and collecting everything about the Citroën GS/GSA. Things I enjoy are driving cars, a long walk along the seaside, a good conversation, listening to music, playing cards with friends and just admire the landscape outhere.

People say I have got a good sense of humour and who I am to joke about that. What I appreciate in life are honesty, fairness and equality.

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© W.M.Kemmink

I like to receive e-mail, therefor you are welcome to send me any message for any comments, ideas, questions or additions! I also welcome any contribution!